To learn more about the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association, please contact:
Ron Walker at (403) 548-6684 or Chris Hepfner at (780) 387-4874.

The Association continues to be active throughout the year with several events
including cattle sales, cattle show, pedigree picnic, bull congresses and farm
fairs throughout Alberta providing information about Texas Longhorns.  At Bull Congresses and Farm Fairs, the Association is able to educate cattle breeders and potential cattle buyers about the value of the Texas Longhorns because of their superior genetics, particularly in regards to calving ease, mothering ability, lean meat and other significant characteristics.  An Information Display is used at these events with some active members present at each event to answer questions regarding Texas Longhorn cattle.

The Association has 3 current Programs within its organization that invites its members to participate in.  “The Robert Owen Memorial Award” was established several years ago in memory of an outstanding member of the Association.  This award is given out each year to a member who displays remarkable dedication and support to the Association and the Texas Longhorn breed. “The Prince and Princess Affiliate” is a program in which members can enter a yearling heifer and/or yearling bull to see which winning animal will represent the Alberta Association at the Texas Longhorn Breeders of Association of America affiliate challenge.  “The Alberta Dam” is a newly created program for its members.  In this program, breeders are encouraged to submit photos of their “best cows”.  These submissions are judged and the winner is recognized by the prestigious “Alberta Dam” of the year award.

Today there are currently 35 members.  A new membership directory is printed each year to keep the breeders list updated.

In prior years, the Alberta Texas Longhorn Association members kept active participating in 3 or 4 cattle shows that were held each year in Alberta and Saskatchewan including its Annual Field Day.  There were times during these shows that there would be as many as 125 animals entered for the show ring. Today, there is only 1 Texas Longhorn show remaining and it is held at the Red Deer Westerner Park Fair Days.



     The Alberta Texas Longhorn Association was formed in 1982 as an affiliate of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, also known as the TLBAA, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.  The first Alberta Texas Longhorn Association meeting was held in Medicine Hat on July 17, 1982 in conjunction with a tour of the Yeast Ranch.  The initial Board of Directors was formed with P.A. Yeast, Fred Cahill, Merv Edey, Buck Miller, Billy Yeast, Bud Maynard and Mary Shaw.  The mission of the new organization was to promote and preserve the Texas Longhorns.  Also, one of the main goals of the Association was to establish the value of the Longhorn Crossbred as a feeder animal.

Throughout the 31 years of existence, the Association has been busy promoting the Texas Longhorn cattleand the members of the Association.  In the earlier years of the Association when cattle numbers were high, there were approximately90 members.